Prestige Bathroom Hire Brisbane

Everyday there are thousands of people across Australia building, renovating and upgrading their properties. Though in the end it is a very rewarding process, times whilst a renovation is happening can be challenging while you lose access to certain parts of your home... but for most people the biggest challenge is not having a lovely quiet bathroom to come home to at the end of the day. At last there is a solution... Prestige Bathroom Hire.

We have beautifully appointed luxury bathrooms that you can hire for a few days or even a few months! Just because you are renovating your home doesn’t mean your family’s life stops and with Prestige Bathroom Hire it doesn’t have too! You can still have access to your private bathroom sanctum, to start your day fresh or relax of an evening with a nice hot shower - all in the comfort of your own property!

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How our clients use us

Our clients call us from all over Brisbane to use our units for:


  • Home renovations

  • Bathroom renovations

  • Office relocations

  • Weddings

  • Parties and events

  • Conferences

  • And many other reasons  
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What is included?

Our mobile prestige bathrooms include:


  • a full size shower

  • porcelain flushing toilet

  • porcelain vanity basin with mirror

  • fluorescent lighting

  • exhaust fan

  • 240v power point

  • shower curtain, towel rails, toilet roll holder, clothes rack, coat hooks and more. 
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“I can't say a bad thing about Prestige Bathroom Hire. They simply have the kindest staff and provide amazing services.”


Audrey Sellers


“When we need an emergency bathroom, we turn to Prestige. One call to them and they were ready to help us instantly. 


Arthur Milton

“Prestige Bathroom Hire were there for our every need. I was very impressed with their processes and they are prompt to attend work.


Betty Taylor


“The staff are very well-mannered and very professional in their work. Their services are always extremely appreciated.”

Ralph Pearlman